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A Little Note of Appreciation!
Local City Fun exists because of our many financial supporters.  They are also listed in the newspaper edition of Local City Fun.

Supporters help by paying for a Corporate Subscription or for to advertising. By covering the costs, they supply copies of the Local City Fun newspaper for free to their staff and customers.

Take a peek by clicking the photos in the boxes to the left.

Feel free to tell them you saw their ad in Local City Fun.

Better yet, should you need their products or services, they'll be quite happy to meet your needs.

The quarterly newspaper, Local City Fun, is also delivered to Mississauga residential subscribers, at their homes, for $5.25 a year. Kids, or adults, can make good money delivering papers.

Subscribers throughout the rest of Canada pay $10.50 to cover postage. Outside of Canada will be determined when someone wants to subscribe.

I also appreciate you, the visitor, particularly for taking the time to read this little note.

If I can do anything to help, feel free to ask.  I certainly won't turn away any additional financial support.

Here's how to contact me: E-Mail

In your service, Brian Chiasson, Publisher.

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